They will export cannabis flowers and seeds from Valle

Breedco, in partnership with Kinetiq, will reach Europe and other Latin American countries.

The Republic, December 2021

Sebastián Gámez is the Manager of Breedco whose investment amounts to US$ 1.7 million.

The Valle del Cauca company, BreedCo, led by Sebastián Gámez, will export cannabis products to more than six countries thanks to an alliance with the US company Kinetiq Group.

Some of these destinations will be cannabis flowers and seeds will be the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, South Africa, Australia, the United States and several countries in Latin America.

Ken Grams, CEO and founder of Kinetiq, he noted that Colombia is a strategic entry point to Latin America, thanks to its positive business environment, overall stability and diversity of talented professionals. From Colombia, we operate service activities in markets such as Mexico, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile thanks to connectivity through ports and airports with international connectivity.

Breedco has invested US$1.7 million in its consolidation and will receive an additional US$1 million from the US company and in the next two years another reinvestment in the industry to strengthen marketing activities abroad.

The investment company will only serve customers in the United States and for marketing in Europe, Breedco will set up a collection center in the United Kingdom. The Valluna company estimates to produce 2.2 million seeds in 2022. By 2023 it plans to produce three million and 1.1 tons of dried flower.

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Daniela Morales Soler
The Republic

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