Financial Advisory

A Strong Business Goes Further

Our top objective is to work as a team to ensure that our clients do not give up control of their business to outside investors as they drive expansion.

We help our clients transform their businesses into high-quality enterprises by helping define the right strategy, consistent with your goals and identifying additional opportunities.

Our presence in different markets and networks will enable your company to achieve accelerated growth and tap resources not accessible to your competition.

Capital Raising

Our B-HIVE is capable of supporting your company to expand its market or transform it to be prominent. We help capital raising for startups, venture capital fundraising, and all the sectors available in the cannabis business market and innovate to optimize time. We can use the capital raised by existing or potential investors in the form of shares or debt, which is always supervised and prepared with financial models and marketing materials, looking always for preserving secure funds. Our group of experts in finances is excellent at negotiating key terms, and covenants through closing. We aim to find the right financing partners to achieve the most economically attractive and flexible structure, consistent with market conditions and management pursuits.

Debt Advisory

Our experienced team offers the most qualified orientation to obtain capital for a fixed period from investors for debt restructuring companies and companies looking to raise debt capital. We ensure total transparency as well as guarantee that our clients remain in control of their entire business and use the capital in an efficient form.

Mergers & Adquisitions

Our team is specialized in the consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets, and management acquisitions. All are related to the cannabis sector transpassing geographical limits.

Financial Services

Our Financial Services are led by B-HIVE’s affiliate Kinetiq Group B.V. (Europe)