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Consulting Services

B-HIVE’s experts work closely with its clients providing them tools to support the growth of their businesses. Providing guidance in all areas of operations, market entrance or expansion or even creating new connections or partnerships with other cannabis companies.

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GACP / GMP Operations
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Strategic Growth Initiatives
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IP Protection and Genetic Registration
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International Exportation to Expand Your Business

Access to Global Market in a SecureBusiness Model

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Genetics Registration

Is available to give your product the opportunity to grow in other markets with cannabis seeds and plants.

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IP protection

Intellectual Property has an increasingly important role to play in the legitimization of the cannabis industry and the protection of its participants. IP protection has a vast reach: covering clones, seeds and extracts. B-HIVE Cannabis Venture Group is offering an opportunity to secure IP in the US head of the competition.

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Royalties can greatly improve the distinctiveness, uniformity and stability of your products. It also offers an excellent way to generate substantial income, accessing a global market with secure rights and a secure business model. A royalties model also provides the potential long term income streams. incomes in the long term.

Regulatory Advisory

Is your business ready?

We are approaching one of the biggest opportunities that your company can encounter such as Cannabis legalization in the US or your country. We can help you to be prepared when the time comes to confront and take advantage of this new era for the Cannabis Industry.

B-HIVE’s experienced team can provide a wide spectrum of services to assist its clients with compliance matters of today and prepare them for the likely changes to come.

Beginning with a Baseline Assessment we can develop a program that meets the critical needs identified with a timeline and budget that works for the client.

Support in the implementation of operations best practices related to:

Al Carte Services

We have the compliance expertise necessary to effectively and transparently manage Product Safety Evaluation and SOP Development.

B-HIVE On Demand

We can develop a program that meets the critical needs identified with a timeline and budget that works for our clients.

The real opportunities are NOW, and every day counts!