We are cannabis business experts willing to bring solutions to the businesses doing part of our hive.

"The purpose of a beehive is to raise young bees, produce honey and serve as a basecamp for the community. Considering this from a cannabis industry perspective, and as cannabis business experts who support companies in the sector, complementing their offerings to generate stronger returns and quality sustainable growth, while acting as a central resource for industry best practices with pragmatic solutions in the ever-changing global environment."
Cannabis Business Solutions
About Us

A cannabis venture group

We provide cannabis operational and investment support to clients in the United States, Canada, Colombia, Uruguay, the Netherlands and Germany. B-HIVE’s managing partner, KINETIQ GROUP, is a top-tier boutique financial advisory and business development firm with a growing network, a global presence and a structure built to support the demands of a hyper-growth industry.

Our Engagement

We are building robust opportunities to conquer the Cannabis Market around the world.

Our Mission

To build a sustainable cannabis business by providing top-quality international products and market expansion solutions that optimize growth.

Our Vision

To be seen as the top-tier cannabis venture group in the Americas and Europe. Recognized for its contribution to the leading cannabis companies as well as its unique insights and innovative solutions.

The World is Our Hive



We help to provide products to positively impact the health and wellness of the community inside the Cannabis Industry. From genetics to pharmaceuticals to consumer products, we aim to help people blossom commercially and to change the world creating opportunities for a better life.

Our remarkable honeycomb structure leverages opportunities, manages business challenges, and mitigates the risk of investors, companies, partners, and leaders of the cannabis market. We have the expertise, services, deep regulatory experience, and research that you need to achieve your goals.

Our Culture

Passion, integrity, commitment, and drive to deliver a positive, differentiated service. All done with a sense of urgency!

Strategic Allies