Your Business is Unique

We help cannabis operators around the world to navigate markets with services designed to best meet their current, and future, requirements.

As a knowledgeable and adept Cannabis Group for over ten years, we can help accelerate and leverage cannabis businesses like yours with strategic alliances and more expansive knowledge and research within the industry we can help your business blossom with an impact.

We support cannabis operators and companies offering them different options to solve their needs such as financial analysis and C-Suite services enabling our clients to become competitive in the market.

Our hive experts work closely with our clients to prepare them for a market entrance or development, making them become part of our honeycomb by forging partnerships with other cannabis operators or logistical operators according to their best; such as infrastructure, land, alternative financing and we advise our clients on the right licensing, IP protections and offering new opportunities for their business.

Strategic Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Using a proven methodology, we can help cannabis companies focus their efforts on those factors which will give them the greatest opportunity for success. The Strategic Review process yields specific quantifiable future targets identifying key initiatives (e.g., new market entry, product line extensions, etc.) that will drive enterprise value.

Business Plan

B-HIVE Cannabis Venture Group will support your company to operate across regulated markets helping you to develop a business plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Application Actions

B-HIVE's experienced team can support in the writing and submission of the application for a cannabis business license ensuring all requirements are assembled and professionally presented. Our experts have successfully executed applications and secured licenses across numerous medical and adult-use markets.

Branding & Marketing Activities

B-HIVE's experienced team and support in the development of “through the line” brand strategies and share best practices below the line brand building activities. This includes point of sale execution including POS materials, promotional strategies and trade relationship programs. All this as part of building a brand portfolio strategy based on segmentation (price, demographic, psychographic, etc.) supported by cycle plans and budgets.