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In this episode of The Green Hub podcast, our President / COO of B-HIVE, Roy McFarland, and our co-founder and Chief Business Advisory, Bradley Barnard, talk about the international perspective of the current cannabis situation beyond Brazilian borders.

In this episode of The Green Hub podcast, our B-HIVE CEO, Roy McFarland, and our Co-Founder and Head of Business Advisory, Bradley Barnard, discuss an international perspective on the existing cannabis situation beyond Brazil’s borders.

The cannabis business has been going on for several years, and in recent years it feels like the speed of the development of the industry is slowing down. This is not only happening in Brazil but also in other Latin American countries such as Peru, which is not allowing, and also making it difficult to use the great benefits that cannabis has as a medicine for different treatments such as epilepsy, among others.

In the case of the United States, the legalization situation in some states allows some activities to be carried out from the industry, but when negotiating or moving forward in the distribution chain with other sectors of the industry is when the real problem arises because legalization is partial and with restrictions that make the industry become an expensive business.

Today, the cannabis business has advanced compared to a few years ago. But the efforts must continue to be expanded day to day to have the power to potentiate this beautiful business 100% from production to the commercialization of the brands, breaking stigmas, but knowing that there will always be regulations that must be followed.

Now, the most important thing is to continue creating opportunities and educating people so that they understand the potential and the benefits that the cannabis industry has in the different economic sectors worldwide to achieve a bright future!

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