Peter Maher

Peter Maher is B-HIVE’s Colorado Market President, the cannabis-related division of KINETIQ Group.  Peter brings significant experience working with high-growth brands and product lines in most major domestic and global markets.

Peter’s professional career consists of over 15 years of global consumer goods experience from initial market introduction to the management of over $500M in annual revenue.  Peter graduated from the University of Illinois School of Law and spent the early part of his career litigating commercial and civil disputes in the Chicago area with the short-lived intention of being a career litigator.  In 2010 Peter changed paths and joined a small (at the time) mobile accessory manufacturer, OtterBox,  Peter held various domestic and international leadership roles within the organization, growing the Canadian market from zero to $100M in annual business, implementing $500M worth of supply contracts with domestic and international distributors, and heading up all new product/vertical expansions.

After 10 years in the mobile technology market, Peter leveraged his legal, CPG, and leadership experience in the newly legalized US cannabis industry joining Mammoth Microbes as the Executive Director of Sales – tasked with growing and modernizing the sales team and process.  Since then Peter has held leadership, consultative, and board roles in several cannabis and cannabis-related entities.  Most recently Peter acted as a senior advisor and Vice President of Sales for the Canada-based consumer cultivation brand, Reefertilizer, before joining the KINETIQ Group.